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Google to Support Satellite Communication for Emergency Messaging in Android

Satellite communication, which became a trend after Apple provided satellite emergency communication in iPhones, is now actively being adapted by Google. This functionality allows...

Starlink adjusts monthly satellite internet subscription prices 2 price hikes in less than 1 year $20 monthly fee increase

Elon Musk's Starlink satellite Internet company has now issued a price adjustment notice to some users, some areas of the price increase and some...

Starlink has launched a global roaming service that connects to satellite internet worldwide

Starlink is launching a new internet service plan: a global roaming service that costs $200 per month, enabling subscribers to access the internet anywhere...

The EU plans to invest $2.4 billion to deploy the sovereign satellite constellation network IRIS² by 2027.

The EU plans to invest $2.4 billion to deploy a sovereign satellite network, IRIS², by 2027. Currently, some European countries are using Elon Musk's...