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Chrome 117 to Introduce Extension Security Checks: A Bold Move Against Malicious Extensions

Google has officially announced that the forthcoming Chrome 117, scheduled for release next month, will introduce an extension security check feature. This new safety functionality...

A Stealthy Menace in the VSCode Extensions Marketplace: CheckPoint Exposes Malicious Add-ons

The Visual Studio Code (VSCode), Microsoft's popular open-source code editor, has been hailed for its versatility and customizable coding environment. Its ability to support...

Microsoft Edge store will also add authentication labels, providing extensions for free, provided they are good enough.

Previously, the Chrome Web Store added two types of tags: the first is the certification tag marked by certified developers, and the second is...

Because of copyright Firefox removed the Bypass Paywalls extension from the Firefox store

Recently, some ad-blocker extensions were banned from being installed for Chinese users on the Firefox browser, while they can still be downloaded and installed...