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HomedefaultMicrosoft Edge store will also add authentication labels, providing extensions for free,...

Microsoft Edge store will also add authentication labels, providing extensions for free, provided they are good enough.

Previously, the Chrome Web Store added two types of tags: the first is the certification tag marked by certified developers, and the second is the featured tag that may be awarded to extensions with good ratings.

According to a post by the Microsoft Edge team, the Microsoft Edge add-on store will also add tags. Currently, Microsoft is not planning to charge for certification, but rather excellent extensions will be marked as certified, which differs from the Chrome Web Store.

Microsoft stated that adding tags can mark high-quality extensions and encourage developers to provide the best possible applications according to developer guidelines to provide users with an excellent user experience.

Currently, Microsoft has only invited a few developers to participate in testing. Invited developers may not only receive tags, but may also participate in discussions about certification standards.

In the future, Microsoft will announce the standards for obtaining certification tags, and developers can develop extensions according to the standards and then apply to Microsoft for tag inclusion.

The following image shows Chrome’s certification and featured tags:

Microsoft Edge商店也将增加认证标签 免费提供前提是扩展足够优秀