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PowerToys Integrates ChatGPT for Seamless AI Assistance: Convenience at a Cost

Microsoft and the open-source community have teamed up to create PowerToys, a Windows enhancement tool that offers a myriad of practical features such as...

New PowerToys Update Adds User-Friendly Registry Preview Tool – Simplifying Registry Files Like Never Before!

PowerToys, the popular set of utilities for Windows users, is about to get even better with the introduction of a new Registry Preview Tool....

Microsoft Defender blocked the open-source ChatGPT client and claimed it contains a Trojan virus

ChatGPT currently only has a web version and no desktop or mobile app. Chinese developers have wrapped ChatGPT in WebView and created a ChatGPT...

Open Source Project Developer Poor and Destitute Has Now Received 3 Bitcoin Donations

core-js, an open source project with over 9 billion downloads, has not been rewarded by its developers, who have even become destitute because of...