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Intel’s Bold Move: The New Intel 300 Brand to Replace Pentium and Celeron in Desktops

Last year, Intel mentioned that processor brands such as Pentium, Celeron, and Atom were going to be retired. However, Intel left a small loophole, stating that from the end of 2023, Intel would no longer provide Pentium and Celeron processors for laptops but would continue to offer them for desktops.

Now, the situation has changed. According to a leak from X platform’s @chi11edog, Intel is planning the Intel 300 brand, purely tailored for dual-core processors. In other words, if the Intel 300 brand is implemented, then Pentium and Celeron processors will also disappear from desktops.

Regarding the Intel 300 dual-core processors, the leaker claims that the entry-level products in this series will have two P cores, or performance cores, and will not offer E cores, or energy-efficiency cores.

The reason is that Intel believes that providing only two cores in total doesn’t justify the combination of one performance core and one energy-efficient core. Instead, they’ll offer two high-performance cores, especially for desktops, where energy consumption isn’t a major concern.

This could be a good thing for consumers, as P cores offer higher performance, whereas E cores, although energy-efficient, perform less robustly. Naturally, one would choose two P cores if given the option.

However, non-entry-level products will still provide E cores. For example, last year’s first-quarter Pentium Gold G7400 has two P cores without E cores, while the G8500 released in the same period has one P core and four E cores.

Furthermore, the Intel 300 brand name doesn’t sound as appealing as Pentium or Celeron, and it’s unclear why Intel decided to use a numeric brand name.