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Google Authenticator Finally Supports Cloud Sync, but No End-to-End Encryption Yet

After 13 years, Google Authenticator has finally introduced cloud synchronization support, as reported by landian.news yesterday. With cloud sync, users can now store all their...

Bitwarden extends passwordless login experience, now also supported in desktop

Password manager Bitwarden expands passwordless login experience, and now the desktop version also supports it. Passwordless login is a recently popular term that is a...

Coinbase employees were targeted in a phishing attack by hackers, but little data was leaked

Coinbase, the US crypto exchange, announced that on February 5, an employee of the exchange was attacked by hackers. Fortunately, Coinbase's security system detected...

Twitter removes free user’s SMS verification, Musk claims that it’s scammed $60 million annually by SMS service providers

Twitter this week announced updates to its user account security policies, with all free users no longer able to use phone text messages as...