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Microsoft hinted that it is developing plugin features for Bing Chat.

As the competition between AI conversational assistants continues, ChatGPT, Bing Chat, and Google's Bard have been vying for users' attention. While all three platforms...

Discover Bing Chat’s New Local Client for a Seamless AI Chatbot Experience Across Multiple Platforms

Previously, we introduced an open-source ChatGPT client that offered a better experience than using a browser for chat. Now, Microsoft's Bing Chat, which previously...

Bing Chat Introduces Image and Video Search Capabilities to Enhance User Experience

Microsoft's Bing team has announced in a recent blog post that Bing Chat now supports the integration of images and videos within its question...

Microsoft Increases Bing Chat Query Limits to 20/200 Following Weekend Tests

Microsoft has recently announced an increase in the query limits for Bing Chat, its AI-powered conversational tool, after conducting weekend tests. Previously, users were...