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HomedefaultBing Chat Introduces Image and Video Search Capabilities to Enhance User Experience

Bing Chat Introduces Image and Video Search Capabilities to Enhance User Experience

Microsoft’s Bing team has announced in a recent blog post that Bing Chat now supports the integration of images and videos within its question and answer interface. If users explicitly request images in their queries, Bing Chat will search the web for relevant previews and present them in the conversation.

Not a New Technology, But a Useful Feature

Upon testing by Landian.News, it was found that Bing Chat’s new feature is not groundbreaking, as it essentially retrieves content from Bing Images (or Bing Videos) by sending the user’s keywords to the respective search engines. The chat interface then displays the retrieved data.

When users click on an image, they are redirected to Bing Images’ preview page, and if desired, they can visit the source website for more information.

Room for Improvement and Integration

The Bing team acknowledges that the retrieved images may not always satisfy user needs completely. To address this, they suggest using Bing Image Creator to generate more suitable images. This integration further streamlines Microsoft’s services, encouraging users to remain within the company’s ecosystem for their requirements.


Bing Chat’s image and video search functionality is now available to all users, with no additional waiting period required. This enhancement aims to provide a more comprehensive and seamless experience for those utilizing Microsoft’s Bing Chat platform.

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