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HomedefaultMicrosoft hinted that it is developing plugin features for Bing Chat.

Microsoft hinted that it is developing plugin features for Bing Chat.

As the competition between AI conversational assistants continues, ChatGPT, Bing Chat, and Google’s Bard have been vying for users’ attention. While all three platforms have their unique features, ChatGPT currently stands out as the only one that supports plugins.

微软禁止其他AI机器人使用必应搜索数据 DuckDuckGo等瑟瑟发抖

Although access to these plugins is still limited by a qualification system, leaving most users unable to use them, it’s an important step forward in the industry.

Plugins hold immense potential as they allow developers to unleash their creativity and build various innovative applications based on AI. With ChatGPT now offering plugin support, there’s speculation that Microsoft may be developing a similar feature for Bing Chat. However, there’s no concrete information on when this functionality might become available.

In a recent Twitter conversation, a user asked a Microsoft Advertising and Online Services executive about the possibility of Bing Chat supporting plugins, similar to ChatGPT. The executive’s response was to “stay tuned,” which could be considered a subtle hint that plugin support may be on the horizon.

Developers might want to start preparing for this change, as it could open up new opportunities to port their ChatGPT plugins to Bing Chat. In contrast, Google’s Bard appears to be lagging in terms of progress. The platform currently only supports English and hasn’t introduced any significant new features or mentioned plugin support in recent blog updates.

With ChatGPT leading the way in plugin support, the industry will be watching closely to see if Bing Chat and Google’s Bard follow suit, ultimately enhancing user experience and promoting innovation in the AI assistant space.