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Data Loss Scandal: SanDisk Users Plan Class Action Lawsuit Against Western Digital – A Deep Dive into the Controversy

The recent issue of unexpected data loss with SanDisk portable hard drive has attracted more consumer attention. In the United States, some consumers have...

Data Loss Debacle: Users Report File System Failures with SanDisk Extreme and Extreme Pro Portable SSDs

In recent times, an increasing number of SanDisk customers have been voicing their frustrations over the SanDisk Extreme and Extreme Pro portable SSDs. User...

Microsoft Acknowledges Longstanding SATA Bug in Windows 11: Here’s How to Fix It

In a recent update to their health dashboard, Microsoft has confirmed a longstanding SATA-related issue that affects Windows 11, causing both Hard Disk Drives...

Unleash the Force: EK and Seagate Launch Star Wars-Themed Custom SSDs

In a galaxy not so far away, EK, a water-cooling equipment manufacturer, has joined forces with hard drive manufacturer Seagate to introduce a Star...

CMFS2023 Reveals Ambitious Plans for 1PB SSDs, But Challenges Remain for NAND Scaling and Materials

Industry leaders at China Flash Market Summit discuss the future of NAND technology and the hurdles to achieve 1PB solid-state drives

Western Digital SN850X SSD installation Windows 11 BSOD

There is a lot of feedback in the WD community that the WD SN850X SSD is experiencing blue screen of death and stuck after...