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Microsoft to Introduce ICS Calendar Support in New WebView-based Outlook, Enhancing Cross-Platform Compatibility

In March, Microsoft introduced a new version of Outlook based on WebView, which has gradually added support for third-party email services such as Gmail,...

Microsoft’s Outlook for Windows Preview to Support Third-Party Email Services, Starting with Gmail

After a year of testing, Microsoft has announced that it will provide support for third-party email services in the Outlook for Windows Preview version,...

Microsoft Teams Launches Public Beta Based on WebView, Claims to Double Startup Speed

Microsoft Teams has rolled out a new public beta version that transitions away from Electron technology and adopts WebView technology (using WebView 2 in...

Microsoft to release Microsoft Teams refactor in March Migrating from Electron to WebView2

According to The Verge, Microsoft has been redeveloping Microsoft Teams from scratch for some time, with the new version being called version 2.0 or...