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HomedefaultMicrosoft's Bing Chat to Integrate Plugin Support, Boosting Functionality and Collaboration with...

Microsoft’s Bing Chat to Integrate Plugin Support, Boosting Functionality and Collaboration with OpenAI

Microsoft executives have hinted that Bing Chat, their conversational AI bot, will soon support plugins, similar to those found in ChatGPT. These plugins will allow users to take advantage of additional features and extend Bing Chat’s capabilities.

For instance, Bing Chat will support the OpenTable plugin, enabling users to automatically search for information and book hotels or flights. The integration with Wolfram will allow the creation of powerful visualizations and provide complex answers in science, mathematics, and human-curated content directly within Bing Chat.

As Bing Chat is also based on GPT-4, its plugin functionality closely resembles that of ChatGPT. Microsoft has announced its collaboration with OpenAI to incorporate plugin features, although no further details have been released. Developers are advised to keep an eye on the Build 2023 Global Developer Conference for more information.

Given the similarities between Bing Chat and ChatGPT plugins, it is highly likely that they will be compatible or easily ported. Developers can begin preparing to launch their plugins as soon as the functionality becomes available, potentially attracting more users’ attention.

The Build 2023 Developer Conference will take place in Seattle, USA, on May 23-24, with most sessions available for live streaming.