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HomedefaultBing Chat Unveils Plugin Support and Chat History Features, Surpassing Google in...

Bing Chat Unveils Plugin Support and Chat History Features, Surpassing Google in AI Chatbot Market

In recent weeks, Microsoft’s Bing team has been relatively quiet regarding new features for Bing Chat. However, it seems that they have been preparing a significant update. The company has announced upcoming plugin support for Bing Chat, along with a series of other new features, including chat history support, which enables continuous conversations instead of clearing them after each session.

With the introduction of chat history support, the limits on the number of questions and total daily queries have been removed, allowing for uninterrupted conversations. After more than two months of preview, Microsoft has declared the end of Bing Chat’s preview phase, making it accessible to all users with a Microsoft account. However, it should be noted that Bing Chat is still unavailable in some markets.

Microsoft also revealed some impressive usage statistics for Bing Chat. Since its launch, the number of monthly active users has surged to 100 million, and accumulated chat interactions have surpassed 5 billion. Additionally, the daily installation rate for the Bing App has grown by 400%.

Clearly, Microsoft has taken the lead in the AI chatbot market, outpacing Google. This is welcome news for Microsoft, as their search engine, Bing, has long struggled to compete with Google Search. The success of Bing Chat should contribute to an increased market share for Bing.

Microsoft also emphasized its ongoing commitment to AI safety. The company is continuously monitoring usage to implement protective measures against harmful content and working to address misinformation and false information, preventing the spread of harmful or discriminatory content.