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Microsoft Announces Closer Collaboration with OpenAI: Bing Search Mode Now Available on ChatGPT

Microsoft announced a significant deepening of its partnership with OpenAI today, introducing a new feature to the GPT-4 model of ChatGPT — Bing Search...

OpenAI Temporarily Reopens ChatGPT Plus Subscriptions Amid High Demand

OpenAI has recently faced server capacity limitations, making it difficult for users to register for ChatGPT or upgrade to ChatGPT Plus. Due to these...

OpenAI Investigates Reported Errors with GPT-4 Mode in ChatGPT

OpenAI is currently investigating issues that some ChatGPT Plus users have encountered while using the GPT-4 mode. These users have reported receiving an error...

Massive Account Ban Wave Hits ChatGPT Users, Impacting Bulk Account Sellers

OPENAI tightens security measures, leaving many users suspended amid a crackdown on illegitimate accounts and possible abuse.

OPENAI blocks Italian IP, bans users from accessing ChatGPT at the request of regulators

The popular AI chat app ChatGPT has been temporarily banned in Italy by the country's privacy regulator due to allegations of privacy violations. The...

OpenAI Temporarily Closes ChatGPT Registration Amid Server Overload Concerns

OpenAI, the organization behind the well-known AI language model ChatGPT, has reportedly temporarily closed new user registration, affecting users globally. According to feedback from...

Due to overwhelming demand, ChatGPT Plus subscriptions have been temporarily suspended

Last weekend, we reported that OpenAI has significantly reduced the GPT-4 quota for ChatGPT Plus subscribers. Originally, subscribers were able to ask 100 questions...