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HomedefaultMassive Account Ban Wave Hits ChatGPT Users, Impacting Bulk Account Sellers

Massive Account Ban Wave Hits ChatGPT Users, Impacting Bulk Account Sellers

According to user feedback on the Landian.News, OPENAI has launched a large-scale wave of account suspensions, with bulk account sellers being hit the hardest. These sellers have previously taken advantage of ChatGPT’s lenient risk control measures to register and accumulate a large number of accounts for resale.

ChatGPT Plus Subscriptions Not Safe

Even users who have successfully subscribed to ChatGPT Plus are not immune to account suspension, according to discussions on the Blue Dot website.

Possible Reasons for Account Suspension

Landian.News has summarized several reasons why accounts might be suspended:

  1. Accounts that were registered in bulk, either from the same or similar IP addresses, will be suspended regardless of whether they have been sold or are in use.
  2. Accounts accessed from unsupported regions will be suspended, whether the account was self-registered or purchased.
  3. Accounts using API abuse, such as developers registering or purchasing multiple accounts to provide API services externally, will be suspended when OPENAI detects frequent API requests from the same or similar IP addresses.
  4. Accounts may be suspended if the registered IP address is from a different region than the one used for long-term access, although there are currently few user reports on this issue.

ChatGPT Plus Risk Control Upgrades

Recently, OPENAI has upgraded the risk control level for ChatGPT Plus. It is possible that their payment provider, Stripe Payments, has implemented stricter risk control measures. For example, if a user’s credit card billing address does not match their IP address, the payment may be rejected. This issue is primarily related to Stripe’s payment risk control rather than the credit card number.

Intermittent Suspension of New User Registration

OPENAI has intermittently suspended new user registration for ChatGPT in the past few days, citing high server loads as the reason. However, the ongoing suspension suggests that there may be more to the situation. Users who are unable to register an account should continue to wait and avoid purchasing accounts, as purchased accounts are also likely to be suspended.