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Popular Open-Source Video Downloader YouTube-dl’s Official Websites Blocked: Here’s What Happened

The renowned open-source video download tool, YouTube-dl, has had its official websites https://yt-dl.org/ and https://youtube-dl.org/ blocked. The server host, Uberspace, has restricted access to...

Code Radio: An Open-Source Terminal-Based Music Player Tailored for Coders

GitHub's official Twitter account recently recommended Code Radio, an open-source project that allows users to play specially curated music for coding directly in their...

Twitter Hunts Down Ex-Employee Suspected of Leaking Source Code on GitHub

Background of the Leak In a recent cybersecurity incident, Twitter discovered that a portion of its system's source code had been uploaded to GitHub. The...

GitHub Announces Further Layoffs, Eliminating Nearly Entire Engineering Team in India

GitHub, the prominent code hosting platform, has announced a new round of layoffs as part of its efforts to reduce expenses amid a global...