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HomedefaultOpenAI Temporarily Closes ChatGPT Registration Amid Server Overload Concerns

OpenAI Temporarily Closes ChatGPT Registration Amid Server Overload Concerns

OpenAI, the organization behind the well-known AI language model ChatGPT, has reportedly temporarily closed new user registration, affecting users globally. According to feedback from users on LanDian News, those attempting to register are met with a notification stating, “Registration is temporarily unavailable, please check again in an hour.”

However, the closure of registration seems to have started in the morning and has yet to be restored. The same notification appears regardless of the IP address region, suggesting that the impact is not limited to a specific geographical area.

As of the time of writing, OpenAI has not issued an official statement regarding the temporary closure of registration. However, considering the load on ChatGPT observed during the day, it is speculated that server overload may have led to the temporary suspension of services.

Throughout the day, free users attempting to log in may have encountered capacity over-limit notifications, resulting in the absence of a login portal. ChatGPT Plus users, on the other hand, were required to log in through a dedicated login link.

As of the publication of this article, LanDian News reported that they were able to log in without the need for a dedicated link. However, it is possible that this situation is intermittent, with OpenAI dynamically adjusting login restrictions based on server load status.

Additionally, there have been reports of some issues that may or may not be related to the closure of registration. Starting last night, some users reported being charged for a ChatGPT Plus subscription but not successfully receiving the subscription. Another reported issue involves previously subscribed users suddenly finding their subscriptions missing, with no record found in their billing history. OpenAI is reportedly working to address these issues.

As one of the leading organizations in artificial intelligence research and development, OpenAI’s temporary closure of ChatGPT registration has garnered attention. Users are eagerly awaiting updates from OpenAI on the situation and resolution of the reported issues.