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HomedefaultWestern Digital Discloses Cyberattack, Key Services Taken Offline for Security Checks

Western Digital Discloses Cyberattack, Key Services Taken Offline for Security Checks

Storage device manufacturer Western Digital recently released a security notice revealing that its internal systems were breached by hackers who exploited a vulnerability. In response to this urgent situation, the company has taken several crucial services offline for security checks.

Affected Services

The services that have been taken offline include Western Digital’s NAS (Network Attached Storage) offerings such as My Cloud, My Cloud Home, My Cloud Home Duo, My Cloud OS5, as well as SanDisk ibi and SanDisk Ixpand Wireless Charger. For My Cloud, the disabled services encompass cloud, proxy, network, authentication systems, email, and notification push services. Currently, the Western Digital My Cloud status page is showing red alerts.

Potential Data Theft

Western Digital has warned that the hackers may have stolen critical data from their systems. However, the specific nature and extent of the accessed data remain unclear at this time, and the company is investigating the details of the breach.

Ongoing Investigation

Western Digital has reported the incident to law enforcement agencies and is seeking assistance from external cybersecurity and forensic experts to coordinate the investigation. As the company continues to assess the impact of the cyberattack, it is working to ensure the security of its systems and protect the data of its users.