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HomedefaultNotion Introduces Organization Verification with Blue Badge for Wiki Pages

Notion Introduces Organization Verification with Blue Badge for Wiki Pages

Notion, the popular note-taking and knowledge base software, announced today that it is introducing organization verification with a blue badge, similar to Twitter’s verification system. The badge can be used to authenticate organization Wiki pages and their respective page owners.

To utilize this feature, users can convert their pages into Wiki format (and revert back if necessary). However, it is important to note that databases cannot be converted into Wikis. Once a page has been converted, it can be designated as a verified page with an authentication badge. Additionally, page owners can be set, such as other members within an organization, who will then also display the blue verification badge next to their names.

Verified pages can also have an expiration date set. Notion will send email notifications to page owners when the verification is about to expire, allowing them to either renew the date or release the verification.

The primary purpose of this feature is to facilitate information exchange within companies and organizations. However, when pages are accessible to external visitors, the verification can also help them determine the authenticity of the content.

For more information on how to set up this feature, please visit: