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HomedefaultWindows 11 Beta Channel Unveils Exciting New Features and Fixes: What to...

Windows 11 Beta Channel Unveils Exciting New Features and Fixes: What to Expect

As previously reported, Microsoft has released new versions of the Windows 11 Canary and Developer editions. Today, the final piece of the puzzle falls into place with the release of the latest Windows 11 Beta Channel, featuring builds 22621.1546 and 22624.1546. This update brings some fresh features and improvements, making it an exciting development for Windows 11 users.

It’s important to note that the Build 22621.x series focuses solely on bug fixes and does not introduce new features, while the Build 22624.x series enables new features by default.

Feature updates and improvements include:

Microsoft has updated its adaptive brightness control documentation, noting that some devices may not support this feature. Support depends on the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

The multitasking settings have been revamped, with the “display all tabs” option removed and replaced by a maximum of 20 displayed tabs. For more information on this change, refer to the related article on Bluedot.

Privacy protection enhancements: When using an app in full-screen mode with “Do Not Disturb” enabled, new emergency notifications will not display their content.

Starting with this version, the PrintScreen key on the keyboard will default to opening the screenshot tool. However, users can still access the original functionality in the accessibility keyboard settings.

Bug fixes include:

The update addresses unexpected issues with text input features such as the touch keyboard, voice input, and emoji panel, which may have failed to launch correctly.

The update resolves visibility issues with the focus on buttons in the Microsoft Pinyin input method settings pop-up window when using high contrast themes.

The update fixes problems with Task Manager, where certain details on the performance page might not have displayed correctly when resizing the window or switching between views.

These latest updates and improvements to the Windows 11 Beta Channel are sure to enhance the user experience, as Microsoft continues to refine its operating system for optimal performance and functionality.