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HomedefaultMicrosoft will launch a green version of the Xbox handle priced at...

Microsoft will launch a green version of the Xbox handle priced at $59.99 is expected to be released on February 28

According to the news posted by Twitter user @billbil-kun, Microsoft will launch a skinned Xbox handle on February 28, 2023: green.

The handle is priced at 59.99 euros, which is basically equal to $59.99, or about 439 yuan.

Although the picture released by @billbil-kun is slightly coded, but you can still see the front is green, the back has part of the white plus the top of the black, look like okay.

The @billbil-kun often broke the news of Xbox and other game consoles, the accuracy rate is very high, and from the picture released, this should be Microsoft ready to promote the picture, but was coded to see the detailed text on the picture is not clear.

Recently ready to buy Xbox handle users who like the green version can wait a little, waiting for the release of the green version of the handle.

微软将推出绿色版的Xbox手柄 售价59.99美元 预计2月28日发布