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HomedefaultDiscover Bing Image Creator: AI-powered Image Generation Made Simple and Free

Discover Bing Image Creator: AI-powered Image Generation Made Simple and Free

Microsoft’s Bing team introduces Bing Image Creator, an innovative AI-powered image generation service based on OpenAI’s DALL-E technology. By simply entering a prompt, users can generate unique images with ease.

Currently, Bing Image Creator is a free service, but as DALL-E relies on powerful GPU support, Microsoft has incorporated a coin system to manage user demand. With coins, users can generate images more quickly; however, once coins are depleted, they must wait patiently for the AI to create images.

In the future, Microsoft may introduce a paid feature, but for now, the payment function has not been implemented. Users can acquire coins through Microsoft Rewards.

Initially, Bing Image Creator offered 25 coins to users upon signing up. Recently, Microsoft has reset the coin balance to 100 coins for all users, regardless of whether they have used up their initial 25 coins. This allows users to continue enjoying free image creation.

For the time being, Bing’s AI image generation feature only supports English prompts. If users need to generate complex images, they can consider translating their Chinese prompts accurately into English before inputting them.

Access Bing Image Creator at: