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Samsung Expands Restrictions on Employee ChatGPT Use to Prevent Sensitive Data Leaks

Samsung has previously experienced sensitive data leaks involving employees using ChatGPT. As a result, the company had instructed its staff not to share any...

Samsung Considers Swapping Google for Bing as Default Search Engine Amid AI Chatbot Race

According to recent reports, Samsung is contemplating replacing Google with Microsoft Bing as the default search engine on its smartphones and other devices. The...

Samsung’s Surprising Q1 Profit Plunge: A Shift in Strategy Amid Falling Demand for Memory Chips

In the face of a global economic slowdown and plummeting demand, the performance of flash memory chip manufacturers has taken a significant hit. While...

CMFS2023 Reveals Ambitious Plans for 1PB SSDs, But Challenges Remain for NAND Scaling and Materials

Industry leaders at China Flash Market Summit discuss the future of NAND technology and the hurdles to achieve 1PB solid-state drives