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HomedefaultThe leaked information related to iPhone 15 includes: a larger screen, USB-C...

The leaked information related to iPhone 15 includes: a larger screen, USB-C port, physical buttons still present, and Dynamic Island available across the entire series

There is still a long time before the release of the iPhone 15 series, but as usual in previous years, Foxconn should already be preparing for production. Yesterday, there was news that Apple had placed a 3nm process order with TSMC to produce the A17 chip.

It is inevitable that various information will be leaked before production preparations are complete, such as a rendering image of the iPhone 15 that has been circulating online today.

iPhone 15相关泄露信息:更大的屏幕/USB-C/仍有物理按键/全系灵动岛

According to 9TO5MAC, the iPhone 15 will have a larger screen size of 6.2 inches, which is bigger than the 6.06-inch screen on the iPhone 14. However, the iPhone 15 will still feature a dual-camera setup, with only the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Ultra using a triple-camera setup.

There are no major issues with the Dynamic lsland, as the entire iPhone 15 series will support it, and it is no longer exclusive to the Pro+.

Regarding hardware, there were previous rumors that the iPhone 15 series might remove the physical buttons, with two new Taptic Engines inside the device that do not physically move. Instead, when the user presses them, they will provide haptic feedback that simulates the feeling of pressing a button.

However, from the rendering image, it seems that the physical buttons on the side are still present and there is no completely flat titanium alloy frame.

Regarding the USB-C port, this has already been confirmed and there are no issues. However, another user-posted image claiming to be the iPhone 15 showed a USB-C port at the bottom, with no significant changes except for a bump in the middle of the port, while the Lightning port is empty in the middle with contacts on both sides.

iPhone 15相关泄露信息:更大的屏幕/USB-C/仍有物理按键/全系灵动岛

More news about the iPhone 15 series should be coming soon. Once production begins, there will inevitably be various leaks, so interested users should keep an eye out for updates.