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Persistent Windows 10/11 and Office API Glitch Pushes Microsoft to Recommend Uninstalling Affected Third-Party Apps: A Complex Conundrum

In January, Microsoft received feedback about a problem affecting Windows 10/11 search bars and UWP applications, with users unable to open or use these...

Microsoft Backtracks on Controversial Office Toolbar Update After User Backlash

Last July, Microsoft introduced a visual update to Microsoft 365, enabling desktop Office to automatically configure and adopt the Windows 11 style. While this...

OneNote Copilot: Reimagining Your Digital Notebook

Microsoft is excited to announce the introduction of Microsoft 365 Copilot to OneNote. Copilot is a formidable tool that integrates the capabilities of large...

Microsoft announced the addition of Excel image functions widely available to support PC/Mac/iOS/Android

Last year Microsoft brought the image function for Excel, the main use of the image function is to directly call the picture on the...