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Outlook.com Users Face Storage Issues as Microsoft Implements New Policy for Attachments

In November last year, Microsoft announced that starting February 1, 2023, attachments in Outlook.com email accounts would count towards users' OneDrive storage quota. By...

Microsoft’s Outlook for Windows Preview to Support Third-Party Email Services, Starting with Gmail

After a year of testing, Microsoft has announced that it will provide support for third-party email services in the Outlook for Windows Preview version,...

Microsoft Outlook mailbox again failure Gmail and other clients can not use IMAP synchronization mail

This week an exception in Outlook spam filter caused a large number of users' mailboxes to fill up with spam emails, and now Outlook...

The Outlook spam filter system has a malfunction, and a large number of users are being bombarded with spam emails

Last night, Microsoft Outlook experienced a malfunction where the normal sending and receiving of emails was not affected, but the spam filter system malfunctioned,...