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HomedefaultZoho Launches Ulaa, a Privacy-focused Browser Aiming to Compete with Chrome and...

Zoho Launches Ulaa, a Privacy-focused Browser Aiming to Compete with Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Zoho, a well-known email service provider, has announced the launch of its privacy-centric browser, Ulaa, which boasts ad-blocking, privacy protection, data isolation, automatic updates, and a 24-hour patch policy. The browser appears to target Chrome and Microsoft Edge, both of which are known for collecting user data for advertising purposes.

Ulaa aims to strengthen user privacy by focusing on browser-level and third-party data collection, reducing the potential for privacy breaches. Some of its privacy and security highlights include:

  • – No data sharing with third parties
  • – No client-side channel updates
  • – No metric reporting
  • – No support for reading motion sensor data
  • – No third-party account integration, e.g., Google or Facebook
  • – No web time trackers
  • – No similar URL navigation suggestions
  • – No support for DNS prefetching
  • – No support for serial APIs

In addition to these features, Ulaa supports different modes such as Work, Personal, Developer, and Children, each offering varying levels of security. For example, Work mode may block access to non-work-related websites, while Children mode filters out harmful content for kids.

The browser itself includes features such as smart tab grouping, tab management, notes, password manager, intelligent dashboard, multi-device synchronization, and screenshots.

Ulaa is available for Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android. However, some users have reported issues with the installation process on Windows machines, causing the installer to crash and preventing proper testing.

Interested users can download the Ulaa browser here:

Note: Ulaa is based on Chromium, as the documentation mentions that users can install extensions from the Chrome Web Store.