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Unlock Professional Features with DockX for Free: Enhance Your Menu Bar and Dock

From the prominent developer @自力hzlzh comes a new product - DockX, designed to display custom content on your dock and menu bar. A typical...

Apple Rushes iOS 16.4.1 Update to Fix Two Critical Zero-Day Vulnerabilities: Users Urged to Update Immediately

Yesterday, we published information about Apple's iOS 16.4.1 release, wondering why Apple had rushed to release an update for seemingly minor issues unless there were significant...

Apple’s macOS Has Been Including Bitcoin Whitepaper Since 2018

Independent blogger Andy Baio recently discovered that the Bitcoin whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto has been embedded in Apple's macOS since 2018. This revelation has...

Microsoft announces Windows 11 support for Apple’s M-series chips, but only for virtual machines

Apple's M-series chips are ARM architecture, and Windows 11 is also available in ARM, but Windows 11 for macOS has not been supported at...