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Windows 11 Beta Unveils a Fresh Twist: A Dynamic OneDrive Backup Option

Microsoft's efforts to promote Microsoft 365 know no bounds. The main machine at Blue Dot Net is running on Windows 11 Beta, and after...

Microsoft Revamps OneDrive for Web, Focusing on Enterprise and Education Users with Improved Navigation and Collaboration

Microsoft announced today a major overhaul of OneDrive for Web, introducing significant improvements and optimizations to file search, sharing, collaboration, access control, and progress...

Outlook.com Users Face Storage Issues as Microsoft Implements New Policy for Attachments

In November last year, Microsoft announced that starting February 1, 2023, attachments in Outlook.com email accounts would count towards users' OneDrive storage quota. By...

OneDrive will bring favorites feature in March to help users find files quickly

According to the Microsoft 365 roadmap, OneDrive for Web will get a Favorites feature in March 2023, which is designed to help users fix...